This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 28th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 28th

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What’s the best way to convince people to support Occupational licensing reform? Despite being good policy, a scope-of-practice reform bill in Florida is unpopular among voters.


News and Commentary

The Idaho bill aimed at decreasing licensing restrictions for military spouses passed its Senate committee unanimously. It has already passed the state House and is now headed to for a Senate vote.

Also on the cosmetics-occupational licensing front, a Tennessee bill that would remove the licensing requirements for natural hair stylists is getting push back from barbers and cosmetologists in the state.

Steve Ahlquist argues for the passage of a Rhode Island bill aimed at reforming occupational licensing requirements for barbers and hair dressers. The bill would replace existing laws with one modeled after New York State, which would significantly reduce the time and money required to get a license.

Pew looked at the results of a study that measured dental therapist use. It points to high daily billings as evidence that expanding the use of these therapists could be a cost effective addition to the dental industry.

Dr. Jennifer Clyburn Reed discusses some possible reforms to the South Carolina licensing requirements for teachers. With the state facing a teachers shortage, she advocates for doing away with the required multiple choice test and replacing it with things like mentorship programs, national teaching certification, and easy pathways for graduates of universities in the State.

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