This Week in Occupational Licensing, May 15th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, May 15th

News and Commentary

Conor Norris in Catalyst, the blog of the Independent Institute, argues for the expanded use of nurse practitioners by using the one argument in the debate that is indisputable: they bring down the costs of healthcare.

Jocelyn Greaves, president of the Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses, argues against the state’s standard care arrangement, which requires APRNs pay a fee to Ohio physicians who “supervise,” but do not actually see many APRN patients.

Matthew Glans of the Heartland Institute summarizes a Rhode Island bill that would remove supervision requirements for physician assistants.


New Research

Stuart M. Butler and Carmen Diaz of the Brookings Institution find that nurses, in their functioning as intermediaries in the U.S. healthcare system, play an essential role due to their proximity to patients. They recommend reducing scope-0f-practice restrictions, and other regulations that silo the healthcare profession, to better capitalize on their skills.

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