This Week in Occupational Licensing, May 23rd

This Week in Occupational Licensing, May 23rd

News and Commentary

A federal judge has found Savannah, Georgia’s law against unlicensed tour guides to be a violation of the First Amendment. The suit was brought by the Institute for Justice, the nonprofit that has successfully struck down similar bans in other cities.

The Pennsylvania legislature is considering removing the “good moral character” requirements from their licensing requirements. This was done in the wake of a lawsuit, again brought by the Institute for Justice, against the commonwealth’s cosmetology board. Michigan is also considering a bill that would do the same.

Vermont is considering raising the licensing application and renewal fees for real estate agents. Curiously, the Vermont Association of Realtors was mum on the issue; its spokesperson Stephanie Corey said this would bring fees in line with other professions.

A Pennsylvania bill may restrict the ability of practitioners to use the term “certified” to those who have been certified by government agencies, not private ones.

Despite vocal support from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a major overhaul to Florida’s licensing regulations has been indefinitely postponed.

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