This Week in Occupational Licensing, May 30th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, May 30th

News and Commentary

Elise Amez-Droz and Andrea O’Sullivan outline some of the best supply side reforms to increase access and bring down healthcare costs. Among their proposed reforms are increased access to telemedicine services and granting full practice to NPs and PAs.

The reform of licensing restrictions for ex-cons in Pennsylvania marches ever onward. The reform is part of a broader Recidivism Reduction Initiative. Many prisoners are offered classes while serving out their sentences, only to be denied the ability to practice in a field for which they have received training.

A reform for the scope-of-practice for physician assistants in South Carolina was just signed into law. Among the reforms is increased ability to prescribe medications, more liberalized physician supervision requirements, allowance of PAs to sign documents in place of a physician, in addition to more streamlined licensing requirements in general.

Mississippi regulations made it so only one telemedicine facility could exist in the state. Thanks to the Mississippi Justice Institute, the Board of Medical Licensure (not the legislature, but the board itself), revised the rules to allow more facilities in the state.

Some not-so-tough Texans are freaking out now that plumbers’ licensing requirement will soon disappear. Many claim that the profession will not be “unregulated,” but this is simply false. It will now be under the jurisdiction of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. This is true for virtually all licensing reforms–an occupational license is just one of many possible labor market regulations.


New Research

Why are the prices so damn high? An excellent question! One that Eric Helland and Alex Tabarrok of the Mercatus center seek to answer in their report of the same name. The report runs the gamut of industries ailed by “cost diseases,” including healthcare costs.

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