This Week in Occupational Licensing, November 13th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, November 13th

News and Commentary

A new bill in Pennsylvania, SB 637, which would prevent automatic denial of an occupational license for a criminal conviction, has passed out of committee. Listen to an interview with Jenna Moll of the Justice Action Network on the legislation.

A law in Oklahoma, SB 670, went into effect after being signed by Governor Stitt last May. The law allows members of the military and their spouses request a temporary license from a relevant licensing board for those with out-of-state licenses that are transferred to or discharged in Oklahoma.

Also in the Sooner State, the “Fresh Start” Act went into effect on November 1st. It’s similar to bills in many other states that restricts blanket denials of ex-cons’ licensing applications in favor of restrictions only based on criminal convictions relevant to the occupation in question.

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