This Week in Occupational Licensing, November 6th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, November 6th

News and Commentary

Read this Christian Science Monitor piece on the Louisiana hair braiders that are filing suit, with the help of the Institute for Justice, to challenge the State’s ridiculous 500 hour training requirement to practice their trade.

Another piece challenges the insanity that is Louisiana’s only-in-the-nation florist licensing requirement.

A Pennsylvania bill would require licensing boards to publish specific criminal offenses to disqualify aspiring professionals to become licensed, rather than relying on their discretion or blanket prohibitions on licensure.

A recent executive order mandates the review of medicare regulations that prevent non-MD practitioners from practicing to the full extent of their training. Predictably, physicians’ groups are coming out the woodwork in opposition.

Ben Wilterdink and Gonzalo Schwarz have published an op-ed in The Hill outlining the many causes of inequality in the U.S. independent of current concerns related to billionaires. Among the causes listed are restrictions related to occupational licensing.

A bill in Iowa would implement a Nebraska- and Ohio-style reform to annually review each of the state’s licenses over a six year period.


New Research

A new study in JAMA goes through waste in the U.S. healthcare system, finding that it adds up to between $760 and $935 billion. Among these costs are tens of billions in administrative complexity, fraud and abuse, over-treatment and low-value care.

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