This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 1st

This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 1st

News and Commentary

For The Hill, Benjamin McMichael draws on his recent research to make the case for discontinuing nurse practitioner (NP) supervision requirements: “Allowing NPs to practice without physician supervision reduces all opioid-related deaths by about 9.3 percent.”

In ArmyTimes, Karen Jowers covers a provision in the House defense bill that would enable military families to transfer professional licenses more quickly.

At Full Stack Economics, Timothy Lee builds on a report from Niskanen’s Robert Orr on the supply of doctors and residency policy and argues for boosting the number of residencies offered.

In the Stanly News & Press, John Hood calls for reforms to North Carolina’s licensure regime, including optional certifications and interstate reciprocity.

In Radiology Business, Marty Stemniak covers efforts of the American College of Radiology Association to stem broadening of scope-of-practice by non-physicians “amid ongoing concerns that provider societies representing nurse practitioners, physician assistants and others are pursing the ability to operate independently.”

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