This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 8th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 8th

News and Commentary

Sammy Caiola reports for NPR’s CapRadio that California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill allowing nurse practitioners (NPs) to diagnose patients and prescribe medications; still, NPs will not have complete practice authority when the bill takes full effect in January 2023.

Marc Hyden of the R Street Institute opines in the Newnan Times-Herald that the licensing examination aspect of Donald Trump’s “Platinum Plan” announced in Atlanta would benefit Georgians.

The not-for-profit Board of Certification for the athletic trainer details an Ohio bill reducing licensing barriers for those with nonviolent, nonsexual criminal records.

Nine state licensure requirement modifications are set to expire this week, according to the Federation of State Medical Boards.

The Platte Institute hosted a webinar with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe (D) and former State Senator Laura Ebke (L-NE) discussing occupational licensing reform.

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