This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 8th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 8th

News and Commentary

The Staff at Antelope Valley Press covered Representative Mike Garcia’s amendment granting licensing reciprocity for military families.

In Chalkbeat Indiana, Aleksandra Appleton breaks down the Indiana legislature’s outlook for deregulation of teacher licensing. Many are hoping granting licensing authority to local school districts, but teachers’ representatives are none too amenable.

The Mackinac Center’s Jarrett Skorup takes issue with Gretchen Whitmer’s decision to overturn Michigan’s COVID-era relaxations of scope-of-practice boundaries for nurses. “Eliminating these restrictions would allow qualified medical professionals to work more easily, stop people from having to move and find work outside Michigan and provide our patients with greater access to hospital beds and care.”

In the Cap Times, Jessica Holmberg and Will Flanders argue for streamlining Wisconsin’s teacher licensing process to head off an impending shortage crisis.

At Reason, Eugene Volokh details an amicus brief that he, Max Hyams, Eimile Nolan, and Simon Ruhland have filed in the case of Joshua Gray, a Mainer who was denied a private-eye license for comments he made on a Maine State Police Lieutenant.


New Research

A new NBER working paper by John Barrios analyzes the effects of 150-hour education requirements for CPA licensing. Barrios finds that the rule decreases the number of CPAs, but there was no evidence for effects on quality of work.

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