This Week in Occupational Licensing, September 17th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, September 17th

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In the Newnan-Times Herald, Marc Hyden discusses occupational licensing in Georgia: “Rather than creating and maintaining illogical impediments to work, policymakers would be wise to re-examine occupational licensing regimes critically. They need to ensure that they aren’t unnecessarily burdensome and that they do serve a legitimate purpose other than unfairly benefiting industry professionals.”

In the Press-Enterprise, the editorial board took on the question of nursing supply in California: “California artificially restricts the number of in-state nursing students, strictly limits the areas of practice for those healthcare workers who are licensed and working here, and then makes it tough for out-of-state nurses to come to California.”

In a piece in the Daily Herald, Elliot Richardson calls on the Illinois legislature to expand review of existing license regimes, curb unnecessary licensing, and increase reciprocity.

In the New York Post, the editorial board congratulates the Institute for Justice on its 30th anniversary. In that span, the Institute has “saved school-choice programs, ended free-speech restrictions, forced governments to return funds seized using civil asset forfeiture and stopped 75 eminent-domain abuses and blight designations.”

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