This Week in Occupational Licensing, June 13

This Week in Occupational Licensing, June 13

New Research

The June 2018 issue of the Institute for Justice’s Liberty & Law is out. Included in this volume is commentary on Washington, DC’s requirement that day care professionals have a college degree and victory in North Carolina for unlicensed makeup schools.



Missouri passes occupational licensing reform. Missouri Governor Mike Parson just signed a substantial occupational licensing reform in the state. The bill reduces the requirements to acquire a license for interior designers, electricians, surveyors, hair braiders, cosmetologists, psychologists, and professional counselors. This is mostly done by either reducing the requirement for licensure by other parties during the educational period, or allowing other credentials to substitute for previous requirements. Most importantly, it prevents the state from imposing a “substantial burden” on workers unless there is a “reasonable interest” in public safety. Even then, regulations must be the “least restrictive type of occupational entry.”


Opinion piece on the effects of occupational licensing. This piece covers all of the main arguments against occupational licensing, including this factoid about the dangers of occupational licensing to consumers: “When prices are high or labor is scarce, consumers take a DIY approach or forego services entirely. A 1981 study on the effects of occupational licensing found evidence for this in the form of a negative correlation between electricians per capita and accidental electrocutions.” You can find the study here.


Event on economic dynamism and competitiveness at Brookings. Brookings will be hosting an event today discussing potential reforms to reintroduce dynamism and competitiveness in the economy. Ryan Nunn will be giving a presentation on occupational licensing and scope of practice restrictions. You can register to watch online here.

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