This Week in Financial Regulation, August 25th

This Week in Financial Regulation, August 25th

News and Commentary

In an episode of the Macro Musings podcast, host David Beckworth discusses the growth of the Federal Reserve with Bill Nelson, Chief Economist at the Bank Policy Institute.

In a policy brief for the Mercatus Center, Andrew Vollmer argues that the SEC does not have statutory authority to adopt climate change disclosure rules.

In an opinion piece in the Regulatory Review, Alessandra Carolina Rossi Martins argues that US financial regulators should use artificial intelligence to create regulatory sandboxes. She claims that doing so will require confronting the fragmentation of our regulatory system. The Financial Services Innovation Act of 2016 proposes a “joint effort of 12 federal agencies involved in financial regulation” to “create a framework for a federal regulatory sandbox.”

In an opinion piece at Brookings, Peter Conti-Brown discusses the number of vacancies that exist for important financial regulatory roles and the importance of filling them.

In an article from VoxEU, Ethan Ilzetzki discusses the results of a survey from the Center for Macroeconomics of UK experts. The results show that “The majority of the panel thinks monetary policy has only a small impact on wealth and income inequality.”

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