This Week in Financial Regulation, February 18th

This Week in Financial Regulation, February 18th

News and Commentary

The Cato Institute’s Daily Podcast has Diego Zuluaga discuss recent changes to mortgage lending rules. You can listen to it here. Zuluaga has also gone on the Consumer Finance Monitor podcast for a longer episode on specific proposed reforms to the Community Reinvestment Act, which can be found here.

Tory Newmyer at the Washington Post covers the controversy over Bloomberg’s resurfaced statements from 2008 on the Community Reinvestment Act.

For a specific look at the lessons to learn from 2008, one might look at Mark Calabria’s suggestion in 2012 to limit the Federal Deposit Insurance Fund’s use by individual banks.


New Research

On the note of deposit insurance, Deniz Anginer and Asli Demirguc-Kunt’s have a working paper at World Bank that provides a literature review and closer look at moral hazard and deposit insurance design.


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