This Week in Land Use Regulation, February 13th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, February 13th

News and Commentary

Perhaps the Sierra Club should reconsider its opposition to development in Moss Beach. That’s one takeaway from Sasha Perigo’s recent reporting at Curbed: San Francisco.

A new article by Joe Cortright at City Observatory points to the value of educated workers in metropolitan areas. Needless to say, cutting back zoning regulations and making it more affordable for people to move in could go a long way to building up America’s most productive cities.

Conor Dougherty at the New York Times reports on the California housing crisis and the internal politics of small communities furiously debating new development. This excellent story is adapted from a forthcoming book by Mr. Dougherty titled “Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America“.


New Research

A new paper in American Political Science Review suggests that land use regulations can easily enable greater residential segregation. Looking at Federal Fair Housing Act lawsuits and city area racial homogeneity, Professor Jessica Trounstine of UC Merced finds land use policies can significantly account for part of these outcomes.

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