This Week in Intellectual Property, April 23rd

This Week in Intellectual Property, April 23rd

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The causes of the decline in business dynamism, as measured by firm entry, wages, etc., are numerous, but a new NBER paper finds that the decline in knowledge diffusion due to patenting policy stands head-and-shoulders above other channels as a cause of this decline.


News and Commentary

The four-year legal battle between Late Night host Conan O’Brien and a Twitter comedian who accused him of joke-stealing is heading to a San Diego Federal court.┬áRobert Alexander Kaseberg is arguing that O’Brien and his team infringed upon Kaseberg’s copyright protection of the jokes he posted to his blog. If you’re interested in learning more about joke theft, NPR’s Planet Money recently had an episode talking about the intellectual property debate going on within the comedy world.

The Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Andrie Iancu, the Director of the USPTO, asking for certain commitments on his plan to improve the patent review process. Since the creation of the IPR review process in 2012, patent filers have become vulnerable to “serial attacks” on their patents by bad actors hoping to force court reviews.


New Research

What is the best way to track knowledge flows? A recent paper shows that it is actually the in-text citations on patents that represent the most accurate path of knowledge flow, not the front-page citations that often get tracked.


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