This Week in Occupational Licensing, April 24th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, April 24th

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Ferris Jabr in The Atlantic writes about how modern dentistry is full of overcharging, poor quality, and unnecessary procedures, despite it being one of the most commonly licensed professions.

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (of Commerce) has published a report on the negative effects of occupational licensing in Louisiana. Among their findings are some of the ridiculous fees and training requirements associated with lower-skilled professions, including the infamous florist license; the negative effects of losing a license through failure to pay student loans; and how licensing increases recidivism.

Arizona continues to lead the way with occupational licensing reform, and a new bill would disallow licensing boards from automatically denying someone a license from a conviction more than seven years old.

The Heartland Institute has a roundup of all of the research and commentary related to how occupational licensing is harming entrepreneurs in Florida.

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