This Week in Intellectual Property, February 26th

This Week in Intellectual Property, February 26th

News and Commentary

How Qualcomm’s uses their patents to introduce hidden costs to Apple customers.

Europeans are taking to the streets to protest Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive. The directive would further limit the use of copyrighted materials online. The EEF is praising the efforts of the activists.

Meanwhile, content producers are also worried that the Directive will be harmful. Representatives of the music industry argue that it gives too much power to the tech companies.

Charles Duan contextualizes a patent plan two US Senators are introducing to try to induce scientific innovation.

Stephen Wyber outlines some lessons European policy makers can take from Singapore’s recent copyright law reforms.

The team at the Association of Research Libraries put together a resource list on fair use in celebration of Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week.


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