This Week in Land-Use Regulation, February 22nd

This Week in Land-Use Regulation, February 22nd

Rent Check

While California and other states have requirements on local governments to meet regional housing needs, they often fall short. Christopher Elmendorf proposes a change to this model to hold local governments accountable for their housing needs.


News and Commentary

The Utah State Senate passed a bill aimed at providing loan funding for affordable housing construction.

Patrick Sisson looks at companies like 20Fathoms– a tech center in Traverse City Michigan. The Rural Innovation Initiative is hoping to fund the development of tech centers to stop the brain drain small towns are facing.


New Research

A report by Sussana Loeb of the Brookings Institution looks at the financial strain placed on teachers who work in fast-growing cities. While teacher’s wages grab most of the national headlines, the rising cost of living contributes to their economic anxiety, even in states that have seen strong teacher-wage growth. A main difficulty is that teachers are needed where the students are, which is often in the most expensive urban areas.

What causes San Francisco’s uniquely high housing costs? Carolina Reid and Hayley Raetz of Berkley’s Terner Center point to the high construction prices caused by regulations related to permitting and prevailing wages in the city as a major contributor. They conducted focus groups and interviews with state practitioners to better understand the system.

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