This Week in Intellectual Property, October 16th

This Week in Intellectual Property, October 16th

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For the past couple months, the USPTO has been debating how to treat the “inventions” of AI programs.  That problem suddenly became less theoretical.

Pete Buttigieg has released a plan meant to push drug companies to negotiate lower prices with the government.  The plan empowers the attorney general to seize the patents of companies deemed to be the worst offenders.

Students are increasingly turning to “Pirate Libraries” for their textbook needs.

Audius, a new music sharing service, is attempting to avoid copyright takedowns through the use of blockchain.

The solicitor general has released an amicus brief supporting Oracle in their legal battle with Google.  They argue that computer code can be copyrighted and that Google violated Oracle’s copyright by verbatim copying their code.

The co-founder of SkyBell explains 5 common myths concerning how innovation happens.  He highlights the role of management in generating big-picture ideas.

Jennifer Lawrence is facing a copyright suit for posting on Instagram a photo of herself taken by a paparazzi.

In the latest example of copyright litigation over similar-sounding music, a lawyer representing a deceased 80’s soviet composer is suing the X-Men cartoon for their theme song.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry et al. is appealing the Dark Horse decision, which ruled that the hit song sounded too similar to a ’00s Christian rock song.

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