This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 16th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 16th

News and Commentary

The American Association of Family Physicians has released a letter  in opposition to a recent White House proposal that seeks to eliminate supervision requirements and equalize payments between physician and non-physician providers.

A newsletter from NPR’s Greg Rosalsky details how non-profit hospital lobbying is driving up the costs of health care.

Sydnee Logan and Ann LoLordo write for New Security Beat advocating for greater investments to be made in nurses and midwives to achieve universal health coverage.

A bill in Michigan allowing licensed counselors to continue diagnosing and treating patients is now heading to the state Senate for approval.  Counselors have criticized the bill saying it would cost them their jobs and impact thousands of patients in the state with mental health issues.

Adam Crepeau writes for Maine Wire, arguing that in order to counter a statewide labor shortage Maine needs to adopt universal recognition of occupational licenses from other states.

The Cato Institute’s Jefferey Singer has a blog post that proposes the FDA to make certain drugs over-the-counter to reduce their costs.

The Associated Press has an article about the new and increasing trend of Telehealth services from companies like CirrusMD, that makes consulting a physician more convenient for patients.

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