This Week in Land-Use Regulation, April 19th

This Week in Land-Use Regulation, April 19th

Rent Check

Christian Britschgi in Reason on how a selectively enforced Nashville ordinance prevents home studios from participating in the city’s $5 billion music industry.


News and Commentary

AEI has a great new interactive map with important housing market data for US cities. You can find it here.

The Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity also has a map tool showing low income displacement rates across the country.

River Davis analyses the housing situation in Japan. Consistent increases in the housing supply have kept home prices stable.

The Georgia State Assembly has tabled a bill that would take zoning and regulatory power away from the local governments.

Sen. Kamala Harris is reintroducing her bill that would provide a tax credit to anyone whose housing costs are more than 30% of their income. It does nothing to expand the supply of housing.

Alfred Twu has a useful summary of the over 200 bills that are attempting to help solve the California housing crisis. They include building approval reform, upzoning efforts, and tax changes.

Citylab did a deep dive in to the opposition to California’s SB 50. Despite the economic benefits being clear, opponents are concerned about how it would change the suburban character that has taken over the state since World War II.

Also on the SB 50 front, an Op-ed in the San Francisco Examiner argued that the Mission District, a historically Latin-american community, would be ruined if the housing reform bill passed. Despite seeing rising rents and increased eviction rates, community activists don’t want gentrification to change the culture of the community. The bill has a “sensitive communities” provision which would temporarily exempt areas like the Mission District.

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