This Week in Occupational Licensing, April 18th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, April 18th

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After a lengthy discussion on Twitter, here is our response to the criticisms made by various MDs and MD advocacy groups in opposition to Pennsylvania’s SB 25.

News and Commentary

Joe Biden is poised to become an important ally for occupational licensing reformers. Reason wrote about his recent comments on the absurdities of license requirements for hairdressers.

A Tennessee Assembly bill would require a new license for people who conduct online auctions. Despite there being no signs of problems with the current license-free system, the bill sponsors are worried about “fraud”.

Physician Nicole Johnson advocated for increased scope-of-practice for nurse practitioners at a meeting hosted by Practicing Physicians of America. It is this kind of industry support that is needed to build momentum.

The Vermont State Senate passed a bill that would require building contractors to obtain a license if they want to work on any jobs over $2,000. It is supported by the Home Builders Association and now heads to the State House.

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