This Week in Land-Use Regulation, April 5th

This Week in Land-Use Regulation, April 5th

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Third Way’s Ryan Bhandari points to zoning reform as one policy space that can help slow the economic migration to the Coasts. It is a crucial step in providing the most amount of people with the best opportunities. Bhandari’s analysis lines up with a recent Pew piece, which shows that the housing affordability problem isn’t limited to big cities.

Tyler Cowen explains why his opinion on real estate investment is changing. In a recent piece in Bloomberg, he argues that the relative stability of housing prices makes them a better investment than stocks.

Reason tells the story of Robert Tillman’s 5 year battle with a San Fransisco neighborhood to get his apartment built. With high-income white residents moving in to the historically Latino neighborhood, Tillman faced the brunt of activists focused on stopping gentrification.

Jeff Fond describes and critiques Kamala Harris’s and Cory Booker’s respective housing reform plans. With both targeted at offering rent subsidies, only Booker’s attempts to tackle the issue of restrictive zoning regulations.

Wall Street Journal’s Candace Taylor looks at what happens when a generation builds huge houses and then tries to sell them to the younger generation (Hint: Nobody wants them).

The Cato blog proposes a counterintutitive reform to Federal housing policy. Due to their popularity, community development block grants should be withheld from communities unless local politicians pass meaningful zoning reform.

Alexandria residents are fighting to stop a halal butcher shop from opening, even though there aren’t many residential buildings in the area.

Millennials were supposed to be the generation that ended US dependence on cars. But, recent data shows that they drive as much as any other generation.

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