This Week in Occupational Licensing, April 4th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, April 4th

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A Pennsylvania bill that would expand scope of practice for nurse practitioners is, predictably, facing attacks from doctors. The critics miss the mark, though, as they conflate the ability of NPs and other non-MD practitioners to provide treatment with their efficacy.


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The Council on Licensure, Enforcement & Regulation remembers the influential work on occupational licensing that Alan Krueger produced, especially his work with the Obama administration.

Pennsylvania is considering changes to occupational licensing requirements for various industries to be more inclusive to ex-offenders.

The Arkansas house is considering a bill that would allow DACA participants to qualify for nursing licenses. The state currently is struggling to find enough nurses to fill the demand. There is a similar bill proposed in Nevada.

Kentucky recently passed a bill that expands scope-of-practice laws for midwives. It gives them the same authority as other licensed health care providers.

The Texas Senate is debating a bill that would allow licensed professional to deny services based on religious preferences. The ACLU and some major corporations like Apple and Facebook are opposed to the bill.

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