This Week in Land Use Regulation, April 9th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, April 9th

News and Commentary

Michael Andersen covers the land use reforms contained in Biden’s infrastructure memo for Sightline.

Andrew Haughwout and New York Fed colleagues explore public views on housing as an investment in a Liberty Street Economics article.

Bryan Caplan reviews mistakes in “Housing Constraints and Spatial Misallocation” for The Library of Economics and Liberty, finding that changing the housing supply regulation in New York, San Jose, and San Francisco to that in the median US city over that last 50 years would result in 14% higher GDP, not 3.7%, adjusting for mobility.

New Research

Philippe Bracke and Silvana Tenreyro study sale price dependence on prices at the time of the previous sale in the American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

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