This Week in Land Use Regulation, August 6th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, August 6th

In a piece for Greater Greater Washington, Wyatt Gordon discusses how to bring “missing middle” housing development to Virginia by reforming zoning regulations and allowing for mixed-use and multifamily buildings.

In an episode of the Cato Daily Podcast, host Caleb Brown discusses the racist history of zoning regulations with Patrick Tuohey, co-founder and policy analyst at the Better Cities Project.

In a post on the Angry Bear blog, blogger “New Deal democrat” covers the current decline in home sales occurring despite surging home prices.

In a report for the Center for American Progress, Kevin DeGood argues that, rather than continuing to expand highways, “structural policy reforms are necessary to build back better from the coronavirus pandemic and to combat climate change.” He then suggests that some of the provisions in the INVEST Act passed by the U.S. House of Representatives “are a strong step in a new direction, pushing states and regions to make different, more sustainable, and more productive investments with federal dollars.”

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