This Week in Land Use Regulation, January 23rd

This Week in Land Use Regulation, January 23rd

News and Commentary

California’s SB 50 is once again back in the game with new changes to give local governments more discretion on where zoning changes occur before density mandates go into effect. State senator Scott Wiener has fought for three years to get a bill upending zoning that prevents affordable housing for countless Californians. The bill now heads to the Senate floor, where it must pass this week.

Joe Cortright at City Observatory discusses Seattle’s housing voucher experiment for residents in low income neighborhoods and rebuts various objections by Cody Tuttle at Next City.

The Mercatus Center applauds a coming revision from Housing and Urban Development to the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” rule with suggestions to focus on actions taken by local governments instead of just plans.

The Brookings Institution provides excellent examples of how single-family zoning can be slowly changed to offer greater density and economic opportunity while rejecting an all or nothing approach to development.


New Research

A CEPR paper looks at how home value changes alter homeowner spending. The authors have published a column on the observed spending responses and mortgage borrowing here.

A new NBER paper examines regulatory policy in over two thousand mostly suburban communities within the United States. Among other things, the authors observe the Great Recession did not lead to any deregulation in the most highly regulated coastal metropolitan areas.

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