This Week in Occupational Licensing, January 22nd

This Week in Occupational Licensing, January 22nd

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Florida’s State Senate and House are considering legislation to prevent local governments from imposing any occupational licenses not required state-wide. Governor Ron DeSantis has pushed for similar proposals putting a sunset on existing licenses and allowing workers more flexibility in working across various counties.

Pharmacists are encountering numerous changes to what drugs they can provide. The DEA is curtailing opioid provision through quotas on these manufactured Schedule II substances. Meanwhile, pharmacists are now able to dispense naloxone to combat overdoses in most states and DC. Parts of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (passed in 2013) are also being implemented, requiring pharmacies to ensure prescription drugs have specific tracing documentation and said documentation is stored for six years in either paper or electronic form. It’s also likely more states will follow over a dozen states and DC in allowing pharmacists to prescribe types of hormonal contraceptives.

John Arnold on Twitter points out an incredible feat of occupational licensing; preventing a talented coach and former player from coaching a team due to missing paperwork.

The Pioneer Institute points to occupational licensing in the state of Massachusetts as a key culprit in reducing job opportunities for lower-income people, broader economic growth, and thus revenue for the state overall. The Institute’s study on occupational licensing’s effect on public finances was authored by Alex Muresianu and can be downloaded here.

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