This Week in Land Use Regulation, March 8th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, March 8th

Rent Check

California bill SB 50 received the support of AARP California. The bill, which would upzone the areas surrounding transit and job projects, would help increase the housing supply for housing insecure seniors.


News and Commentary

Isabel Blank of the Yankee Institute for Public Policy submitted testimony to the Connecticut State Planning and Development Committee urging them to oppose a proposed land use reform bill. She worries that it gives the state government too much authority over municipalities.

The Sex Worker Advocates Coalition argues that land use reform to expand the Washington, DC housing supply would drastically increase the safety of those engaged in survival sex work.

Some progressive groups in DC are trying to build opposition to a city council bill currently under debate that would significantly increase the deduction that homeowners are allowed to take to reduce their property tax liability.

David Schleicher of Yale University and the Niskanen Center and Roderick M. Hills of the Furman Center analyzed the current housing crisis and what some of its causes were. They advocate for moving policy-making authority away from localities and towards city- and state-officials.

The Mercatus Center talked about how to make the housing market less susceptible to country-wide shocks with economists Emily Hamilton and Kevin Erdmann.

Egon Terplan looked back in time to try to figure out how many more housing units should have been built in the Bay Area to avoid the current crisis. He found that the area should have built about 700,000 more units than it has since 2000.

A DC neighborhood group that has consistently been a thorn in building developers side over the past few years has returned to contest a development project near Union Market.

Washington State is currently considering a bill that would reduce the restrictions currently placed on accessory dwelling units. These types of units have benefits ranging from increased rental income to improved access to housing for seniors.

Montgomery County, Maryland is currently considering similar reforms. Sanjida Rangwala considers  some of the criticisms of the reforms and explains why they are wrong.

The New York Times looked at this year’s National Association of Home Builders “vision for the New American Home“. They argue that the N.A.H.B is ignoring the national housing crisis by continuing to advocate for impractical single family homes.

Jenny Schuetz criticizing Oregon’s new rent control law, saying that it is a temporary solution that won’t fix the long-run supply shortfall.


New Research

What leads to housing instability for low income Americans? A new study in Housing Policy Debate highlight job insecurity, car ownership, and family structure as key determinants of housing instability.


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