This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 7th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, March 7th

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Can robots replace doctors? A new Brookings Institution post looks at the pros and cons of using AI to supplement health care professionals, but for now giving full scope-of-practice to physician assistants and nurse practitioners is the best way forward.

Passage rates for the licensing exams teachers across the country must take are low- what is the best way to fix that? Policies to encourage public and private universities to change the curricula future teachers receive provide a non-licensing solution to improve teacher quality .


News and Commentary

The Board of Professional Responsibility for the District of Columbia Bar is recommending that Paul Manafort be disbarred.

Vermont State Senate President Tim Ashe is looking for ways to make the state more attractive to immigrant workers, and he believes that removing licensing barriers would help do that. The initiative is especially targeting requirements that prevent immigrants with training from their home country from meeting licensing requirements.

A bipartisan duo of freshman legislators in Pennsylvania are proposing a bill that would force state licensing boards to make significant cuts to their requirements. It is focused on helping formerly incarcerated citizens qualify for licenses.

David Mitchell and Thomas Snyder argue that occupational licensing reform would reduce recidivism in Arkansas. They say that rules imposing months-long waiting times create a huge financial burden for recently released citizens.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted the state’s occupational licensing regime as a target for reform.

The Iowa House voted to pass a bill that would allow optometrists to perform certain procedures that are currently reserved for ophthalmologists. 16 other states already permit this.

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