This Week In Land Use Regulation, October 3rd

This Week In Land Use Regulation, October 3rd

News and Commentary

A federal judge in Manhattan has criticized the zoning laws that pushed out strip clubs and adult bookstores from Time Square, calling them a  “throwback to a bygone era”.

Joe Cortright has an article in City Observatory arguing that a deficit of local jobs doesn’t have a causal effect on urban poverty, noting that “there’s scarcely any evidence that proximity to jobs matters for escaping poverty”.

New York City recently sent out a notice to local landlords reminding them that about the city’s housing discrimination laws, and found it was only somewhat effective in mitigating housing discrimination in some cases.

Emily Hamilton of the Mercatus Center has an article in The Baltimore Sun summarizing the results of her recent study that looked at housing affordability in the Baltimore and Washington areas.  Her study found that inclusionary zoning efforts in these urban areas has surprisingly backfired and made housing more expensive.

An article in CityLab looks at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent proposal for national rent control, and how that would affect the nation’s housing affordability dilemma.

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