This Week in Intellectual Property, October 7th

This Week in Intellectual Property, October 7th

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Daniel Takash authored a blog post rebutting a recent article by Robert VerBruggen in National Review about the implications for the future of copyright litigation under the CASE Act.


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Comedian and classic car enthusiast Jerry Seinfeld has declared victory in a copyright infringement case against his new Netflix series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  A former colleague of Seinfeld’s sued him claiming the idea for the show was originally his.

Doug Henze has an article in Crain’s Detroit Business that explores what’s behind the increasing trend of intellectual property lawsuits.

The daughter of the late comic-book magnate, Stan Lee, has filed a lawsuit against his former company,  POW! Entertainment, for allegedly “looting” his intellectual property.  She claims that his former business associates intentionally misled Lee into surrendering his IP rights on several occasions.

Rappers Lil Nas X and Cardi B are facing a copyright suit from two music producers, claiming the the duo’s famous song “Rodeo” infringes on one of their tracks.

David Post has an article out at Reason that analyzes Led Zepplin’s now famous music copyright case.

Intellectual property attorney Mark Deming published an article on IP Watchdog calling for more clarity in the effects on the legal process that would come under the STRONGER Patents Act.

E-commerce giant Amazon is using its colossal market power to start a new program called “IP Accelerator”, to catalyze the process of securing intellectual property right for business that sell on it’s platform.

Even the Broadway hit Hamilton isn’t immune to copyright infringement suits.  Lin Manuel Miranda is being sued, essentially for his use of basic historical facts about Alexander Hamilton’s life.

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