This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 9th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, October 9th

News and Commentary

Olivia Campbell has an article in JSTOR Daily that outlines how a nineteenth-century ban on medical advertising that was meant to protect consumers inadvertently hurt women.

From Philadelphia, Marcia Frellick writes in Medscape about the debate over whether non-physicians should have a say in decisions about credentialing and hospital privileges for physicians.

Riley Snyder of the Nevada Independent wrote an exposé about the state’s Republican Party chair who also happens to be a lobbyist for the state’s second largest occupational licensing board.

The Supreme Court will hear a Louisiana case called June Medical Services V. Gee regarding the state’s medical licensing laws.

A dental hygienist in Ontario is challenging an archaic occupational law that revoked his license for treating his spouse’s teeth.

Oliver McPherson-Smith wrote an article for Real Clear Public Affairs that details how California’s occupational licensing laws cost consumers and businesses billions.

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis has announced his plan to cut occupational licensing fees.

John T Bailey has an op-ed in Tallahassee Democrat warning Floridians, in characteristically over-the-top fashion, about the dangers of expanding prescribing powers to non-MDs.

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