This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 9th

This Week in Land Use Regulation, October 9th

News and Commentary

Tyler Cowen has an interesting post on Marginal Revolution that discusses new research on the economic mobility of walking vs driving communities.

Joe Cortright authored a piece in City Commentary explaining that, despite the headlines, young people are in fact not leaving urban areas.

WAMU 88.5 American University Radio has an article by Ally Schweitzer that looks at the prospect of rent control being implemented in the Washington D.C. area.

NOVOGRADAC published a summary analysis by Peter Lawrence of a recent Harvard paper that argues the national response to exclusionary land zoning is needed to effectively resolve the affordable housing crisis and declining economic mobility and productivity.

DCist’s Martin Austermuhle writes about a new law that took effect last week in D.C. that sets requirements on Airbnb dwellings.


New Research

The aforementioned Harvard paper by the university’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, argues that eliminating exclusionary land use regulations should be the civil rights issue of our time due to the disproportionate effect that exclusionary zoning, and the consequent increase in housing costs, has on minorities.

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