This Week in Occupational Licensing, June 17th

This Week in Occupational Licensing, June 17th

News and Commentary

An article from the law firm Ward and Smith discusses the appeal process that an occupational licensee may pursue when facing an investigation or disciplinary action by an licensing board. The author argues that many licensees fail to understand proper procedure and the importance of legal representation during the appeal process.

An article from the Washington State Hospital Association provides an update on a new law passed in the state to broaden the scope of practice for respiratory care practitioners.

In an opinion article from PNAS, Clare Rock and Jonathan Zenilman argue that current regulations and processes make testing for COVID-19 cost-prohibitive in many cases where it could be highly beneficial. These regulations include requirements for waivers for on-site testing, administration of tests by licensed prescribers, and HIPPA-compliant data systems. The authors argue that the first two requirements should be removed and that innovation in data management systems can allow for sufficient privacy. They also stress the need for quality assurance of tests and effective public messaging.

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