This Week in Occupational Licensing Regulation, July 8th

This Week in Occupational Licensing Regulation, July 8th

News and Commentary

In an article at Public News Service, Nadia Ramlagan writes on a number of North Carolina physicians showing their support for granting full practice authority for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses.

In an article for WLBT, Courtney Ann Jackson covers a new Mississippi law implementing universal recognition of occupational licensing, allowing licensees from other states to practice their trade in the state. Furthermore, for any “occupation that another state didn’t require a license in—Mississippi will allow at least three years’ work experience to qualify them for a license here.”

In an article for Reason, Ella Lubell writes on a bill that will exempt hair braiders from a law that requires a license for anyone who provides barbering services.

In an article for The National Law Review, Nathaniel M. Lacktman and Jeffrey C. Thrope discuss the expiration of New York’s telehealth emergency waivers and issuance of new telehealth guidelines by the state’s Department of Health.

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