This Week in Land Use Regulation, July 23rd

This Week in Land Use Regulation, July 23rd

News and Commentary

In a piece in New York Magazine, Eric Levitz argues that Tucker Carlson’s and JD Vance’s brand of populism would primarily benefit the “small-time rich” due to its protection of zoning regulations.

In an article in FEDS Notes, Elliot Anenberg and Daniel Ringo examine whether the tightness in the house market during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the result of increased demand or reduced supply. Their analysis suggests that increased demand is the primary cause for the market’s tightness.

In an article at the Brookings Institution, Jenna Davis discusses the relationship between up-zoning reforms and gentrification. She cites her recent research showing that “upzoning activity [was] positively and significantly associated with the odds of a census tract becoming whiter” in New York City. However, she stresses the need for additional research on this issue.

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