This Week in Occupational Licensing Regulation, July 22nd

This Week in Occupational Licensing Regulation, July 22nd

News and Commentary

In an article in The Week, magazine staff cover prominent journalists’ responses to the Biden Administration’s recent executive order to promote competition.

In an opinion piece for The Gazette of Cedar Rapids, Adam Sullivan argues that the Biden Administration must work more closely with states and learn from Iowa’s successes to make real progress on occupational licensing reform.

In an article in the Los Angeles Times, Melody Gutierrez, Jack Dolan, and Kim Christensen discuss the ongoing conflict between reformers and physicians over proposals intended to curtail medical malpractice.

In a report for the American Action Forum, Isabel Soto examines the labor policies in the Biden Administration’s recent executive order. She argues that, while “both initiatives have the potential to increase wages and lead to greater labor mobility by removing barriers to entry…federal policymakers should be cautious given that states are the primary actors on these issues.” She also claims that efforts to reform licensing regulations could costs on smaller businesses and individual workers.

In an article in Forbes, Brian Blase discusses how the Biden Administration is pursuing and building upon many of the same healthcare policy goals that the Trump Administration focused on. These include health care choice, competition, hospital consolidation, licensing, and more.

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