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This website features a collection of links to outside resources, many of which were cited in The Captured Economy, for readers interested in learning more about regressive regulation.

To filter the reference library by topic, please use the links on a topic page or open this page on a full-size screen and use the provided menu.

After the JD III: Third Results of a National Study of Legal Careers

Gabriele Plickert, Ronit Dinovitzer, Bryant G. Garth, Robert Nelson, Gabriele Plickert, Rebecca Sandefur, Joyce Sterling, and David Wilkins, Tony Love, Gabriele Plickert, and Chantrey J. Murphy

American Bar Foundation and NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education


This report gives an overview of findings from the third wave of data collection for the After the JD Study of Lawyers’ Careers, which we refer to in this report…
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Producer prices in the legal services industry after the Great Recession

Joseph Valentine

Monthly Labor Review

November 2019

Following the 2008 financial crisis (which occurred during the Great Recession that began in December 2007), businesses and corporations experienced substantial difficulty in accessing credit required to maintain operations at…
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A Study of Telecontraception

Tara Jain, Eleanor Schwarz, Ateev Mehrotra

The New England Journal of Medicine

September 2019

Telecontraception is the provision of contraception prescriptions online as an alternative to traditional clinic visits. In this study, standardized patients were asked to represent a range of relative and absolute…
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Full Scope-of-Practice Regulation Is Associated With Higher Supply of Nurse Practitioners in Rural and Primary Care Health Professional Shortage Counties

Ying Xue, Viji Kannan, Elizabeth Greener, Joyce A. Smith, Judith Brasch, Brent A. Johnson, and Joanne Spetz

Journal of Nursing Regulation

January 2018

Access to quality primary care is challenging for rural populations and individuals residing in primary care health professional shortage areas (HPSAs). The ability of nurse practitioners (NPs) to provide full…
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The Economic Burden and Practice Restrictions Associated With Collaborative Practice Agreements: A National Survey of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Brendan Martin and Maryann Alexander

Journal of Nursing Regulation

January 2019

The U.S. healthcare system is facing workforce shortages in rural and primary care settings. Despite growing demand for providers and comparable quality metrics, advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) still face…
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Guild-Ridden Labor Markets: The Curious Case of Occupational Licensing

Morris M. Kleiner

W.E. Upjohn Institute


This book provides a detailed, nontechnical overview of occupational licensing in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and the European Union for students of the labor market, consumers, the…
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Occupational Licensing and the Interstate Mobility of Professionals

B. Peter Pashigian

The Journal of Law and Economics

April 1979

This paper will focus special attention on the legal profession. The legal profession is granted special consideration because the practice of law, unlike the practice of dentistry or medicine, may…
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Professional Licensure and Quality: The Evidence

Stanley J. Gross

Cato Institute Policy Analysis

December 9, 1986

The generally stated purpose for licensing and the primary justification for this use of the police power of the state is to ensure quality in services offered to the public….
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The Impact of Potential Labor Supply on Licensing Exam Difficulty

Mario Pagliero

Labour Economics 25 (2013): 141–52

December 2013

Entry into licensed professions requires meeting competency requirements, typically assessed through licensing examinations. This paper explores whether the number of individuals attempting to enter a profession (potential supply) affects the…
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The Political Economy of Occupational Licensing Associations

Nicola Persico

The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization

June 2014

This paper studies the internal politics of a licensing association with regard to expansion of the licensure and self-regulation. A theoretical model is presented of a professional association that has…
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Latest Legal Victory Has LegalZoom Poised for Growth

Robert Ambrogi

ABA Journal

August 2014

But Rampenthal sees his company spurring broader changes in the legal services market, moving it toward an “ecosystem” that will more closely resemble the way medicine is delivered.“You don’t walk…
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Is Occupational Licensing a Barrier to Interstate Migration?

Janna E. Johnson and Morris M. Kleiner


December 2017

Occupational licensure, one of the most significant labor market regulations in the United States, may restrict the interstate movement of workers. We analyze the interstate migration of 22 licensed occupations….
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Analyzing the Influence of Occupational Licensing Duration and Grandfathering on Labor Market Outcomes

Suyoun Han and Morris M. Kleiner


December 2017

The length of time from the implementation of an occupational licensing statute (i.e., licensing duration) may matter in influencing labor market outcomes. Adding to or raising the entry barriers are…
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The Increase in Income Cyclicality of High-Income Households and Its Relation to the Rise in Top Income Shares

Jonathan A. Parker and Annette Vissing-Jorgense

The Brookings Institution

Fall 2010

We document a large increase in the cyclicality of the incomes of high-income households, coinciding with the rise in their share of aggregate income. In the United States, since top…
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